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Retainer fees! One of those topics that people know about but are not exactly sure why people require it, especially photographers! So in this week’s blog post, I thought I would go ahead and break down exactly what you want and need to know about retainer fees! What is a retainer fee? A retainer fee […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Retainer Fees

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Imagine this. You are at the bridal shop and just found the dress of your dreams! A long-sleeved lace dress with an open back. The best part of the dress? The long train, of course!  When suddenly, there it is. A long veil that matches your dress, as if it was meant for your dress! […]

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Have a long veil? You need these wedding photos | Aspen Colorado Wedding

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I’m the kind of person who likes to plan ahead… I’m not very spontaneous unless we are driving, even at that, that’s a stretch. Going into the new year, I would set a “New Year’s Resolution”, then give up on the resolution 2 weeks into the new year. In 2017, I decided that I wasn’t […]

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Walking In Blind- Lessons of 2018 | Intention and Intuition

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So you are thinking about having a first look! I’ll never forget the day I experienced watching a “first look” between a groom and his bride. It was the fall of 2018 in Aurora, on Cayuga Lake. Anthony, stood on the dock overlooking the lake and watched the boats pass by. In the background, the song […]

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Why You Should Have A First Look | Aspen Colorado Wedding

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You love photography! You LOVE it! There is something about being behind the camera that gets you fired up and excited to be creative and in the moment. I totally get it because I was there too (and still am). At 14 years young, I picked up a point and shoot camera and instantly fell […]

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The Truth About Having A Photography Business

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I move every. single. year.  Surprisingly, I’ve been able to maintain a pretty steady income while being my own boss. Can you guess my job title? Photographer! Yepp, that’s right! And it seems that every new state I move to, (4 in the last 4 years), my photography business just keeps growing and growing! So I’m […]

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Maintain a Successful Business When Moving | Vail Wedding Photographer

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